Salem, NH to Philadelphia, PA - 325 miles

The first time Larry and I shared a hotel room was our own wedding night – which, here in the 2000s, is pretty weird for most couples. That was the night he found out I like to sleep as far away from the door as possible (so that I’ll be the last to be killed when a murderer breaks in) and I found out he thinks touching the top comforter cover will probably, definitely give you Hep C (and also he wouldn’t mind I pulled it off of the bed for him, thanks.). Very romantic.

So when we decided to try life in LA for a while, driving cross-country together also seemed romantic. We would keep the memories we made along the way forever, but we’ve known each other so long, I doubted there was much more I had learn about him.

I took a redeye from Los Angeles to Boston on Thursday night and arrived in New Hampshire in time to go my amazing niece’s dance recital – which in some alternate universe is still going on right now. I crawled into bed with Larry around midnight and about five minutes later, at 6am – we woke up and had to get going.

His parents made us an excellent breakfast and after a teary goodbye, we set our sights on Philadelphia – our first stop. One of our childhood friends was getting married there that night – the perfect way to start our cross-country adventure together.

Larry dropped me off at a hair salon and went to go check in to our hotel. I got there about an hour later and texted Lar find out our room number.

“817, but give me a minute to answer the door. I’m taking a tubbie.”

And that’s when I realized, with this guy, there will always be more to learn. 

LarryTub (1).jpg

No complaints here.